Telephone reservation steps

STEP 1 Check Activity Japan Terms of Use

It shall be considered that you have agreed to the​ ​Activity Japan Terms of Use​ ​at the time of your call.

Please make sure to check​ ​Activity Japan Terms of Use​ ​before using our services.

STEP 2 Submit reservation on the phone (provisional booking)

Activity Japan support staff will ask necessary information for booking and customer information.

Please check a plan ID before calling us.​ ​

※ Through this phone call your booking is provisionally accepted but not confirmed.​ ​

After receiving a phone booking, the Activity Japan support staff will check availability.

STEP 3 Receive a booking complete email (Booking confirmed / declined)

Activity Japan will send you an email about your booking status, please check your email box.​ ​

※ Customers who use restricted mail reception system should enable their email accounts to receive a message from '@ ​​'.

※ If you have set a limit on emails with URLs, you can not receive our messages.

※ Please note that you may not be able to get your preferred booking. We kindly ask for your understanding.​ ​

※ Please note that it may take time to confirm you booking.

STEP 4 A phone call to check whether an email received and booking status is confirmed.

Activity Japan support staff will call customers to check if our emails have reached them.​ ​

Once confirmed, your booking details will be sent via email as of STEP 3, please keep the e-mail until you join the activity.​ ​

Your booking is complete. Enjoy activity on your scheduled day!

If we can not book your preferred experience, the Activity Japan support staff will help you to find an alternative plan!

※ After your booking is confirmed please contact operator directly if you wish to change your booking details.​ ​

※ Please note that you can not receive or use any Activity Japan points for reservations made on the phone.