Flow of telephone booking

STEP1 confirmation of activity Japan Terms of Use

Upon receiving your telephone application,Activities Japan Terms of UseIt will be that you have agreed to

Be sure before you useActivities Japan Terms of UsePlease confirm.

STEP2 telephone reservation application (provisional booking)

Activities Japan support staff, your application details, I would like to ask the customer information and the like, we will take you for your reservation.

In advance, after confirming the plan ID, please call.

※ [tentative reservation] in the above call will be completed, but reservations not yet finalized.

After the call, the activity Japan support staff will confirm your reservation availability.

STEP3 reservation completion mail of reception (Confirmation / refuse)

From activities Japan, please contact us for your reservation availability, so I will send to you ask the address, please check the receipt of e-mail.

※ Customers using e-mail reception limit feature, please set up to receive e-mail from the previously "@ ​​activityjapan.com".

※ If you are performing the settings such as URL reception limit, thank you to cancel the setting can not be received by e-mail.

※ reservation of hope there might be not be able to take you. Please be forewarned.

※ The confirmation of the reservation availability, it may take your time.

STEP4 reservation completion mail reception confirmation, your reservation whether confirmation of your phone

Than the activity Japan support staff, by phone, or e-mail is available reception, it will be the confirmation.

If your booking is confirmed, so we are described in detail reserved to the mail of STEP3, e-mail to the activity end, please keep it in a safe place.

Reservation, will be complete. Please enjoy the activities on the day!

If you could not take your unfortunately reservations, activity Japan support staff, we will be happy to help you looking for an alternative!

※ after your booking is confirmed, the change of reservation contents, until departs operators described in the fixed-mail, please contact us directly.

※ In the reservation of your phone, grant of activity Japan point, because you can not use the direction of member Please note.