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When can I surf

When can I enjoy surfing-surfing is a sport of riding the waves in the ocean. It is a sport that deals with nature and is popular because of its exhilaration. In fact, Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, has various terrains, and has four seasons, so there is a variety of things ...


What is the difference between rafting and line down?

Rafting and line descent, explanation of each --- I will explain the difference between the two river descents. First of all, rafting. This is a rubber boat with a few people riding on it and rowing on their own. And enjoy it by plunging into the white waves! Difficulty by ourselves ...


Tools and equipment needed for canoeing and kayaking

Do you know about the tools used in canoeing and kayaking-canoeing and kayaking look similar and different. What's different is the paddle, which is a tool for rowing water. The Canadian canoe has a "single blade ..." with only one side that catches water, called a blade.


Japan's famous point for surfing

Where is Japan's major surfing mecca? Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides, and it is also a country where surfing is major because of the waves on the coast. It is also famous for the four seasons and typhoons that overseas surfers also pay attention to. Spring in spring ...


How to Become a Popular Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Instructor

SUP Instructor is a Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor-Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is an activity you can enjoy in the oceans and rivers that are becoming more popular these days. Compared to surfboards, stand-up paddle board (SUP) boards are more buoyant ...


A way for beginners to improve their wakeboarding

Recommended marine sports that even beginners can easily do-Marine sports become more popular in the summer, but things like surfing and flyboarding require techniques that beginners can't enjoy right away. Moreover, if you go with friends ...

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