Things to do in Amanohashidate/Miyazu/Maizuru

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The original life of the life of Inazami of Inazagi, there is a legend that was over in order to go from heaven, is a must-see spot very beautiful selected Amanohashidate landscape in the three most scenic spots in Japan. In Amanohashidate view land the vehicle is aligned for children, for roller coasters and go-karts can enjoy, it is ideal for family travel. View of Amanohashidate see from here, Amanohashidate since has been called from the fact that looks like a dragon ascending to heaven as "Hiryukan", is the spot you want to visit by all means. In addition, in the vicinity there is a hot spring to put even a day trip, you can enter while watching the spectacular views of the sea. Because you are still many natural, para Guraiga you can enjoy in this area. Because it is viewed from above views that were selected in the three most scenic spots in Japan, it is a recommendation of the activity.

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