Jetovator in Japan


Using the water pressure of the water bike, the bike that fly in the sky! It is the "jet bay Tar" (Jetovator) of the topic. Like the "fly-board" sky jumping popular in the water pressure was evolved on the bike type, is a marine sports a new sense, it is one of the most recent activity. Since the attachment to bike a sense of stability the injection of personal watercraft, is characterized by balance is easy to take. Force does not need to stand up as fly-board, since it is only necessary to operate the steering wheel from the floats, or up to the top, or forward, or turning to the right, or turning to the left, freely at their own will you can move to. When you have once experience it will not be the exhilaration and the unique feeling of floating forgotten. Jet Bay ter is the latest of activity, you can experience in a thriving area of ??marine sports.

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