Forest Adventure in Kanto

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In 1997, France Annecy suburb was created for the Swiss corporate training experience nature facility is [La foret de l'aventure] forest adventure. Consists of a good reputation in general to also be open, was eventually spread to the world. In the Japan Open at the foot the first issue of Mount Fuji in 2006. 2011 Hyogo Prefecture Asago facility, which opened in is gaining popularity as the only forest adventure Kansai area. Left brain plateau that spread in the vicinity of the famous Takeda Castle Ruins at Machu Picchu Castle in the Sky in Japan, a popular area as well as camping. Six adopt the activities of Japan's first appearance in the Asso, we have introduced four zip trip course, but among them boasts the nation's largest "Tarzan swing", the great power of the popular pop out from a height of about 10m into the air It is activity.

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