Fly board (fly in the sky with hydraulic pressure) in Kansai

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In one of the most popular marine activity, the topic of fly board can experience in Kansai, Lake Biwa, Hyogo Prefecture Tatsuno, Sennan Satoumi park "Tokimeki Beach". Because in Tatsuno there is a polite support of training and staff, it is safe Even if you the first time. In addition, it is possible to experience in front of the facilities of the eye, a person of tours and attendant also without fear of sunburn, you can also look at the performance of the compelling. In addition, there is also a luxurious plan can enjoy two large marine activity of fly board and wakeboard experience in Tatsuno. Experience is about 20 minutes in the "crush the beach". Because so fly freely when you are familiar with, it is the high degree of attention at the beach.

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