Surfing in Ibaraki

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If you want to enjoy the surf at the beach, even in places famous in Japan, even in a place known in the local, location and information in advance on the beach, parking and shower, are basic amenities conditioning, such as toilet dolphin, etc., and not a challenge to get the firm information, it may become disappointing result. In addition to Shonan also, in the Kanto Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki Prefecture Kawarago, beach Hirai, Onuki, Hasaki, such as Ajigaura, because there are a lot of the best popular beach, let's by all means go to visit. Near and surfers for shops, such as also examine hot spring facility, let the best experience. In addition, such as events, such as the Hitachi City Hitachi "Sand Art Festival", it is also recommended to participate, such as the tournament has been held. In such homepage surfers gather, tournament list by the beach of introduction and JPSA, information of the surrounding area, access, such as the southwest, southeast, also can be seen, such as the wave of information.

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