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Close from Tokyo, the coast line of Kujukuri of shallow facing the Pacific Ocean of the sea, there is a year-round waves, is a surf spot area of ??the recommended environment suitable for the practice of surfing. I think in place of the also say many surfing the heart of fans. For this reason, there are many surfing schools can experience the surf. Although a popular area, because the coast of the location itself is also wide you can learn in peace without worrying about the public eye even beginners. In addition, for beginners, there are many facilities that are preparing the soft board. School facilities such as lockers and hot water showers are substantial also abundant. Come, studied at the surf school of Chiba, received a sea of ??wind, please send a surfing and fulfilling life in nature. Participation age to the surf school, although there are differences in each school, it seems roughly often OK a school from elementary school. In the Liberty Surf of the 35-minute bus ride from omentum Station, it was held school every day seven days a week, we are teaching in small groups. Women limit and senior also provides limited course welcome. Hitotsumatsu convenient to coast bus stop 3-minute walk and the nearby access, in BEACH (Beach), a professional trainer of the Association of Surfing certified has hit the guidance. Instructors have been teaching so that it can be surfing on their own rather than ride Press. TRYSURFSCHOOL (Tri Surf School) school, which boasts a track record of more than 10,000 students. There tool rental. Ch?sei District MACA.C (Makashi) surf school in Ichinomiya-cho, you can rest assured if you are firmly lecture from risk aversion in the sea. In SurfClub it is located in Chiba Prefecture, Yamatake-gun, equipped with Japan's largest clubhouse. If this train ride from Makuhari, to the user of hope from there, we are also round-trip free transfer. K's surf ride in the kujukuri, the repeater is more friendly members also many schools, including the local. There In addition to this lot, you want to level up to the senior polish the arm of fun surfing in the lesson plan of the most suitable school for you. The participation is required in advance of the reservation in such as a telephone. In addition, and student fee, annual business day, time, For more information on the rental or the like of the necessary equipment and tools, please check to check and compare the information that has been posted on the website.

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