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日本全国のシーカヤック体験 24(In order of popularity)

Sea kayaking is a marine sports out rowing in the sea with a kayak that was made for the purpose of use as the sea of ​​its name (SEA). I boarded the kayak, go to sea by rowing in the double-blade paddle in which the blade is attached to the left and right. How to hold and rowing how the paddle, you learn boat overturned the remedy of time, in order to immediately rowing in the sea put out to it can be, from the beginner to the veteran, it is a marine sport that everyone can enjoy easily. However, as you become more familiar you will be enjoy the exhilarating feeling that run like sliding the surface of the water while cutting the wind. In addition, the scenery views from offshore aboard the sea kayaking is exceptional. Out from the bay, and sometimes close to or aimed at small island, you can or as adventurous special experience back the river from the estuary.