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Kumejima Island is Okinawa located in a remote location about 100km from the main island west direction, Okinawa is the westernmost island in the archipelago. Kumejima Island Island is designated as a prefectural natural park throughout the island, it is a beautiful island rich in nature. On the seaside of the surroundings there is a tatami stone which nature created, and it became a prefecture-designated natural treasure of Okinawa Prefecture as "Tephraite of Kumejima Island Town Okubojima". In addition, "white beach" where white sand beach made of coral spreads is the most spectacular spot so that it can be said that it is the most beautiful in Toyo. We are preparing a tour that you can go to such a beautiful "Hatakeyama". In addition, there are plans where spa and aroma bodies can be made while looking at the beautiful sea, so you can spend slowly after moving the body.


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