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We will introduce activities that you can experience on Okinawa main island, information on sightseeing spots, cafes, hotels, ryokans and other accommodation facilities. Why do not you experience the nature, culture and history of Okinawa by all means? A historical site in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, "Funa Utaki" is a place of prayer registered as a World Heritage Site, is said to be the precious and sacred place of the Ryukyus. During the Kingdom of the Ryukyus, you can worship Kudakajima known as the island of God in the east, because it is a sacred place representing Okinawa, where national festivals have been held, because it is on a hill. And the tower of Himeyuri in Itoman City in the southern part of Okinawa main island. Himeyuri 's tower is a memorial monument of student troops mobilized at the end of the Asia - Pacific War in Okinawa war, and many tourists are visiting today and praying for peace. Located in Naha city, Shuri Castle is the historical building which is the center of Ryukyu Kingdom era and is also registered as a World Heritage Site. Okinawa is dotted with nature-rich parks where you can see the magnificent scenery, but it is easy to access from Naha city, and especially recommended scenery park is "Chinen cape park". Also, "Okinawa World" located about 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport is the most famous sightseeing spot in Okinawa, where all of the charm of Okinawa will come together. About three hundred thousand years have been built over the years, the cavernous cave and Tamado dong of about 5 km in length are very mysterious spaces. It is a remote island floating 3 km off Chinen Peninsula, "Komaka island" that the drive wants a little bit of legs. It is an uninhabited island with only 800 m of surroundings, and it is an island which takes about 15 minutes by boat ride from Chinen marine leisure center (boat return shuttle boarding fee: adult 2,500 yen, elementary school student above 1,250 yen, less than elementary school student free). The transparency of the sea and the whiteness of the beach are not comparable with the domestic ocean! Please have a good time in Okinawa this summer!


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