Tokai (flying in the water pressure) fly board experience 9Results / Popularity order

Fly in the sky in the TVCM "water pressure! Fly board suddenly become the ranks of the popular activities in ". Aichi Mikawa Bay in the Chubu and Tokai area, Lake Hamana, you can experience, such as Lake Yamanaka. Aichi Mikawa Bay is also good access from Nagoya, as well as Lake Hamana and Yamanakako resort, also is a popular area as well as a scenic tourist destination. Especially one-Yamanakako Fuji Five Lakes, superb location that figure of Mount Fuji looks big. In addition, because it can also be tracked on the fly board a private boat in Lake Yamanaka, you can also tour the activities of peer-to-peer while cruising, you can enjoy taking the play to the photos and videos. In Lake Yamanaka Popular even in such as tourism, there is also a place to show off a trick that was worn in the 40-minute course.