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In the cold districts of the Arctic, Siberia, Canada, Alaska, Norway and others, the dogs developed as one of the major means of transportation. Sled dogs, which can be judged to avoid cracks in ice in particular, have been useful and were also used for Arctic exploration as safe transportation. Even in the Antarctic exploration, Amundsen using dog sledding has succeeded in arriving at the South Pole for the first time. Today, as part of races and events, dog sled experiences and competitions are held all over the world. Types of dogs that are suitable for sled dogs are dogs with a weight of around 45 kg, such as Eskimo dogs, Sakhalian dogs, Siberian huskies, Samoed, Alaskan · Malamite. An estimate of the weight that one can catch is considered to be the weight of the sled dog himself, and it can carry about 400 - 500 kg of baggage for 10 headers. There are two ways to tie, a tandem type that connects dogs in a column and a fan type that connects directly to a sled one by one.

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