Cycling/Touring/Pottering in Kansai

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In recent years, it is the bicycle that is popular both young and old. One of the major sports in the world, in recent years has been more and more people to enjoy with a theme in Japan. In sports cycle, earnest or run the cycling road, ran a long distance, for example, back and forth for the purpose of autumn leaves of Shiga Prefecture, or the tourist around, to enjoy the natural scenery and put in the middle break the is also recommended. Also in urban areas such as Osaka and Kyoto, this is also recommended to the tourist rent a bicycle rental. Freely also narrow streets if attention to pedestrian traffic, and you can run in comfort. In the Kawachinagano Osaka Prefecture "Kansai Cycle Sports Center" is the theme park of the bicycle, which can be all day enjoy the bike. And access information to the center, business hours, for more information, including reservation, you can check from the home page.

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