Okinawa Activity Number of Plans No. 1

Stand-up paddle board (SUP) experiences of Itoman, Nanjo, Tomigusuku 17Results / Popularity order

In the southern part of Okinawa, SUP (SUP) is actively being held and it is easy to experience. SUP stands for StandUp Paddleboarding (paddle board stand), you can ride a wave that can not be ridden by a long board using a paddle, cruising the water with a canoe sensation without a wave I can. . Because the board has buoyancy, it is also attractive to have a variety of ways of playing depending on the idea, such as placing fishing tackle, going off the coast and enjoying fishing, and enjoying snorkeling with the board as a base. Furthermore, the field can be enjoyed not only in the sea but also in rivers and lakes. In recent years, associations have also started in Japan, we are working on the sound spread of SUP and safety awareness activities.