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The experience program is gaining popularity now in Hokkaido sightseeing. Kimono rental & dressing set is popular in adult plan. It is also possible to rent a stylish arrival which is known as men's casual wear, and optional services such as album creation are also enriched making memories. In the pottery experience, you can make a nice equipment at the workshop, and you can enjoy the charge as much as 2,800 yen (including tax) per person for 1 to 2 hours. Since it is held throughout the year, if you are interested, try to make reservations by phone or online. Also, horse riding lessons are located at the top in the popularity rankings. Again, it is safe to accompany the staff. A shooting game experience that can be entered even from elementary school students has become a hot topic as a spot of play, and the start time of use is from 10 o'clock to 20 o'clock. There are many free events held in Hokkaido, especially in Sapporo throughout the year. I'm sure you can have fun memories, so please participate by all means during the experience program!