Fun Diving (license required) in Kanto

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Fan diving acquisition of C- card and license and is not a purpose, such as the meaning of the English fans (fun), diving for pleasure and fun. Also can participate people uneasy when there is a beginner or a blank, because the course was in the level are provided it is safe. In Okinawa Zanpa and Maeda Misaki, whale shark experience that brings a correspondence with a pick-up until the accommodation it is popular with women. In the Kanto area is the reputation expedition to Izu Oshima. Higher probability to meet the great power of the tuna big game, you were photographed with your friends and fellow Once luckily met. Miyakejima can enjoy the coral reefs and macro system, we will spend a day of so beautiful rich blue beach. In each school tour of the Kanto area, you can rent the equipment for the dive. Guide fees and dive number, please try to feel free to question for more information, such as water depth and advanced course. There is also a place which is held a private system, is safe at the time of use for those who are concerned about in a long time. Please try to choose a plan that suits you. Export the diving shop online necessary checks matters before, after confirming the presence or absence of the desired number of people and lunch, please make a reservation. In addition, the set time or arrival, departure, content such as boarding scheduled time also let us know. If there is a request, it is recommended that you consult the reception as soon as possible. On the day, please understand that there is a description of hope and dates of flow of notes for conducting safe diving than staff. At the time, such as moving to the sea, please let us know in advance if there is a weak point. Comparison of the price list, the presence or absence of a transfer to the nearest train station, can be found at sites such as the level check, such as beginner to advanced for.

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