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Awaji known on the gourmet island is full of highlights. Produced amount of incense produced Amidst the tradition and history of Japan's best tradition and history, "Awaji Ume Kando Hall" has a favorable incense making experience class with a factory tour and a reasonable time of 60 minutes. For sightseeing of adults, we recommend the tiled clay sculpture experience of Ansei white clay tiles. Also, fresh onions and cabbage harvest experiences are being held, so please contact us by phone or email. In "Awaji farm park England hill", it is healed by a vast ranch and cute animals. We do hand-made experiences of bread and butter kneading from fabric, so do not miss it. "Awaji World Park ONOKORO" is full of popular attractions. In Sumoto City, you can experience soba noodles from 500 yen per person, it is recommended for those who are naturally oriented. Children can also participate in each experience section easily and it is held throughout the year. There are many places where the capacity is set relatively high, but it is safe to check information such as advance booking and fee. We recommend that you attend not only pottery and agriculture but also clothes that are easy to work in each experience.


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