Minakami in Canyon rafting

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Domestic highest level torrent spot of not inferior to the world, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture on the water-cho area! Summer outdoors, you can enjoy water Canyon grayed say synonymous with having a swim in a river. The canyoning is an adult wading utilizing the valley of the river flowing. And waterfalls of the force of drop 30 meters, let's premium natural experience while feeling the flow of exciting river. Schedule will set AM, 15 minutes before and the start of the divided into PM. Finished a change of clothes, we received an explanation to enjoy safely. Finally Canyon grayed start Once finished the warm up! We arrived at the goal and the fellow with the commemorative photograph After rougher play the river flowing! After that, it will be disbanded to return to the meeting place. Application than from the third grade of elementary school, can be accepted from one person. It is recommended for making memories of junior high school students. Swimsuit, let's bring a towel. Person of contact wear because of loss prevention, let's bring swimming goggles. Wet suit can be rented. Prices also includes insurance fee, different for weekdays and weekends. Access is about 20 minutes from Kan'etsudo water IC. Since the direction of the train is also shuttle from JR Joetsu Line Minakami Station, Joetsu Shinkansen Jomokogen Station is safe.

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