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The holidays and summer vacation in the sunny weekends, and fellow congenial, I think you will want to enjoy the barbecue (BBQ) in a location with good outdoor location such as the square of sandy beaches and forests and parks. Also the Kanto area, the facility will have a lot to everyone in the can barbecue experience. Say barbecue, starting from the shopping of vegetables and meat, mise en place of or off a fire while saying noisily along with the fellow, but after the end was the image, such as is necessary clean up, in recent years, preparation clean up is left to staff, stove or iron plate, appliances such as tent rental, unnecessary carry-over of food, are increasingly easy to enjoy beginners and PITA shy's Recommended barbecue plan empty-handed OK. In Tokyo, in addition to enjoy empty-handed barbecue WILDMAGIC-THE THIRD PARK of Koto Ward Toyosu, in old houses a cafe in Ome, there is a tour that became the moss ball making and bird call making and set not only the barbecue. In addition, there are the middle of the city, Asakusa and also plan to enjoy a barbecue dinner sense in Ginza. Saitama Prefecture ranzan of Arashiyama valley barbecue field and Gunma Prefecture Asama plateau walnut forest campgrounds, Tochigi Prefecture Kinugawa Onsen auto camping, there are empty-handed barbecue to enjoy place in the barbecue spot other than Tokyo, such as Kasumigaura General Park Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture . The use in either of the facility, must be booked in advance. Generally held period is often year-round use possible cases, but there is also a facility of March to November and the limited time in. Parking and traffic access, hours of operation, the usage fee, let's check the site to suit also the presence or absence of accommodation.

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