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Speaking of telemark skiing, it is famous for "telemark attitude" which opened legs back and forth, to do when landing on ski jumping competition. Originally named as a classic skiing technique originated in the telemark region of Norway, one era was built in the latter half of the 19th century. Soon after the rise of alpine skiing, telemark ski disappears from the front stage, but in the early 1970s it revived in America. It showed worldwide popularity such as being imported back to the Norwegian home country, and made a debut in Japan at Intersky (International Ski Education Conference) held in Zao in 1980. It is a characteristic of telemark skiing that fixes only the toes (koops) of the boots to the ski and floats the heel. What is more attractive than that, a unique telemark turn. It opens the legs back and forth at the turn, puts out the turn, puts the outer leg forward and puts it forward with the whole foot sole, the inner foot pulls backward, raises the heel and weighs again at the base of the thumb Thing.