Telemark skiing in Japan

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Speaking of telemark skiing, carried out at the time of landing in the jump events, ski, open to the front and rear legs "telemark attitude" is famous. Originally, named in classical skiing, which originated in the Norwegian Telemark region, one era was built in the late 19th century. Before long in the rise of alpine skiing, telemark skiing is will disappear from the limelight, revival in the United States in the early 1970s. Show the global spread like are reverse imported to Norway home country, I played a Japan debut at the 1980 Inter-skiing, which was held in Zao (International Ski Education Conference). To fix the only boots toe (edge) to the ski, is characterized by is telemark skiing has floated heel. Above all charm Nanoha, unique telemark turn. This is open to the front and back of the foot at the time of the turn, when weighted by the entire foot out the outside of the foot to the turn before, that the inside of the foot and pull it back, also weighted at the base of the thumb to raise the heel Thing.

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