Go-kart in Kanto

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Go-cart is a motor sport to enjoy the feel free from adult to child. KART because small car is has been equipped with an engine of 50 ~ 150cc bike, you can enjoy the feeling you are in the circuit venue traveling at the amusement park. In terms of area in Chiba Prefecture, it features an indoor circuit of Japan's largest. There is a full-fledged race course that well-known companies Honda-owned, also events that the whole family in the Twin Ring Motegi hotel's theme park in Tochigi Prefecture was held, is the spot recommended for pleasant memories making. There is a fast racing in Okegawa, Saitama Prefecture, Age popular with experience who is 12 years old ~, you can feel free to access a day trip from Tokyo city center. In addition it is authentic racing experience in Saitama City, Sakura-ku, which is located near the city center, you can taste the racer mood. The fee, rental of such suits and helmets are happy and free from. In Kanagawa Prefecture Shonan, we have chartered plans are available to people that want to enjoy plenty of their time in the group and parents and children. You can join most of the facilities from the children, but in the cart field with a sense of speed you may have provided the age limit. For more information on the reference to the vehicle list of the home page, let's go to play.

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