Wake board experience of Lake Yamanaka and Oshino 32Results / Popularity order

We introduce water sports, wake boards that you can experience in the Yamanashi prefecture Yamanakako · Oshino area! Wakeboard is, in short, a water surface version of snowboard. It is the same as water skiing in terms of being pulled by a motorboat or a water bike, but in case of a wakeboard it is necessary to make a wave (wake). Even beginners' customers will receive lessons at the school and reach levels that can be managed in a day, so let's challenge by all means. Boards and wet suit etc. are prepared for rent, so feel free to come and see us. Also, there are plans with barbecue set, so please apply with your family, couples, friends! Before making a reservation for the tour, please check in advance in terms of features of the plan · course contents, period, duration, access, fee, participation qualification etc. One person, inexperienced people, are welcome!