Wakeboarding in Lake Yamanaka/Oshino

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Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanakako, Oshino water sports that you can experience around, we introduce the wakeboard! The wakeboard, Briefly, snowboarding of water version. In that get pulled in a motorboat or personal watercraft is the same as water skiing, but, in the case of wakeboard you need to create a wave (wake). If Ukere lessons at the school even for beginners of customers, so you reach somehow skate level in one day, let's by all means challenge. Because such as board and wet suit would be prepared of rental, please come willingly. In addition, because there is also plan to barbecue is in the set, your family and couples, please sign up with your friends to each other! In the tour of the reservation, feature-course contents of the plan, held period, the required time, access, fees, such as eligibility, please check in advance. Per person, towards the inexperienced, you are welcome!

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