Shiga in Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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You can SUP (Sapp) is actively and feel free to experience the rooms in Shiga. Stands for SUP (Sapp) is StandUp Paddleboarding (stand-up paddle board), that by using a paddle, also can ride a wave that does not ride a long board, cruising the water by canoe sense even if there is no wave I can. . Since the board there is a buoyancy, enjoy fishing out off the coast put the fishing tackle, such as by the board to the base enjoy a snorkel, is also attractive points that can be a variety of how to play depending on the idea. In addition field is not limited only to the sea, it can be enjoyed in such as rivers and lakes. In recent years, the rise is Association in Japan, we are committed to a healthy spread of SUP and safety awareness activities.

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