Hitoyoshi/Kuma in Rafting

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In the Kuma River that flows through the Hitoyoshi region is flourishing rooms of rafting tour. Rafting and is, boarded a plurality of people (about 5 to 8 people) in rubber boats, using the paddle is an activity tour to enjoy the rapids down while operating the boat. Each base of the participants each other rode on the same raft while following the instructions in the guide unison with the force, or the severity get over it hit the rapids as much as be likened to the "natural roller coaster", in absolute if outdoors lovers is the king of River sport not be removed. Such as complex river before and after the sudden up-and-down or unexpected to flow rotation, sharing of fun and a sense of accomplishment and enhance a sense of team work to challenge in accordance with the force a number of failures in everyone, is also a major attraction of the rafting . 2017 has attracted attention by being held areas where World Championship with a focus on Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture flows Yoshino there is a spot of Oboke-Koboke of rafting on the stage.

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