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Thank you very much

Experience activity Rafting

I joined the family course of rafting.
Since the children was the first rafting, a large river had been pounding in front of the eye, ask tell me gently variety, the tension and cause the boat loose, it was not very fun.

The adult is not enough course, but very fun to participate in the family, I thought it was the course that nature can enjoy.

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I received your participation in family rafting of the HOA, also I received a comment, Thank you very much.
That of the children have been entertained for the first time of the rafting, I am very pleased.
Family course for small children, you have to set the location is no accident, such as a boat to flip.
In accordance with the growth of the child, but please challenge to all means step up the course!
HOA Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

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it was fun! !

Experience activity Rafting

It was sunny.
I'm is still the most fun moment beyond the rapids.
I did not stop laughing for was scared.
In addition, I want to join with my friends.
Thank you very much.

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We received your participation in the HOA of the rafting tour, Thank you very much! Summer of rafting on a sunny day, I think there is a sense of exhilaration. Next time, by all means, in early spring of flooding period, please do not come to your experience rafting compelling.

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