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H. MOA Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures
areaHokkaido/Hidaka - Erimo

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HOA was founded in 1997, it inherited the Chie elementary school marks became closed down in March of the following year, was here with the base.
It was far from the tourist areas, this Chie district, but it seems also to inconvenient so, spring is blessed with edible wild plants, making the vegetables in the back of the field, watching the star of the sky, enjoying the barbecue at any time, campfire with everyone the enclosed ... There is a richness to be felt as blessed such a life.
When you come to the HOA, activity in the wilderness, a unique guide us, and, the nature of Hidaka, please enjoy the body full.

Correspondence also OK in the cosmopolitan guide us English

HOA of guide us, a rich international, Australia, Nepal, New Zealand, etc., and experience comes from thriving country of River sport rich. Work and play in the river! They like that is, in the "first I want to know the fun of outdoor sports for those who" such a feeling, we guide you through your daily to the field.

Warmth of wood full of wooden school building is the base!

Old Chie elementary school of wooden schoolhouse. Cute size of the building, there is also taste while old, people of that should not know, such as school building of wooden generations, seems to feel that involuntarily "nostalgic".
Corridor that every year over the wax is shiny! Summer is a good feeling when walking barefoot.

Please spend comfortably after the tour.

Abandon playing after it in the outdoors, drinking slowly chai in the lounge, watching tour photo. As long as time permits, please spend a fun time and guide us.
There is also barbecue corner which you can use to our customers.

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Address / MAP
Hokkaido Saru-gun Hidaka-cho, Chie address 132
access <If you are traveling by car>
■ from Sapporo direction: Yubari via the R274 (Dōtō Expressway: Sapporominami IC- Shimukappu IC available at the time of, turn left out of the Shimukappu IC, to Hidaka-cho, 237 National Highway) in the Hidaka.
■ from Asahikawa Furano direction: to Hidaka-cho R237.
■ Tomakomai: R235 in via the Hidaka Town, Bucheon district (Hidaka motorway: available pets in Numanohata west IC- Bucheon IC is free), to Hidaka-cho via the biratori in R237.
business hours <Phone reception>
4-10月: 8:30-20:30
11-3月: 9:00-17:00
Regular holiday None
credit card out of service
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