Nature Activity Center Ocean Days

Nature Activity Center Ocean Days
Campaign / announcementDuring the present campaign for free to the photograph in the activity in CD-R! ! !
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Experience activity Diving (beginners OK)

But I can not swim, and so enjoy! It was a good experience!

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thank you for your comment.
In without swim underwater, but it is safe because it is breathing.
We look forward to or arriving from the staff concentric.

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Impressed by the fresh water snorkeling

Experience activity Snorkeling

With far more fish than expected surprise to the height of the transparency of Shikotsuko was fun to encounter.
Guide's also was saved a polite and very helpful.
I think rather that it is recommended for snorkeling beginners.

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Thank you to write a review! Encounter with the fish is I was also very fun. Also I am glad when you're with us. I want to polish the guide of the arm so that the future can enjoy with our customers. I'm really thankful to you! !

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