Nature Activity Center Ocean Days

Nature Activity Center Ocean Days
Campaign / announcementDuring the present campaign for free to the photograph in the activity in CD-R! ! !

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In Ocean Days, it is the activity of diving such as the National Park "Shikotsuko" and Hokkaido heritage "Shakotan Peninsula". In Ocean Days, rather than just enjoy the dive, we have a mission that will convey the nature of the truth of Hokkaido. We through that enjoy to everyone through nature, such as the sea and mountains and lakes, we believe that it is possible to protect and thus nature of Hokkaido. And the beautifully precious nature, and activities aiming to go inherited to the children of the next generation.

Lake diving experience! !

Different from diving in the sea, please experience all means the lake of "mineral water" to be selected in Shikotsu-Toya National Park and water quality in Japan! Also those of diving experts, also the first one, will take you into the world of new excitement. In addition, because it is fresh water, it does not also be sticky with seawater. The sea is a little weak, Even if you're called, you can enjoy surely.

We look forward to the best location!

Shikotsuko Best location of about 40 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport! ! Lake of the beautiful nature and crystal blue awaits you!

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Chitose, Hokkaido Kohan BangaichiLooking at the GoogleMap
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Regular holiday Irregular (there is that you are out to sea)
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