Kanade 絲綴 Garden

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Features of business

Organized by traditional craftsmen and craftsmen, the preservation forum of the sewing technique that is active to preserve the techniques of binding and binding is "the playing game". The workshop is equipped with about 16 looms, including a large loom capable of weaving 4 to 8 people at a time. In such a workshop, we prepared a studio tour and experience plan from the desire to let many people know "Nishijin nail scratch binding" which is one of the world's highest art works. Please experience Kyoto - like experiences and traditional crafts representative of Japan in Kyoto sightseeing.

"Ringo-en Garden" founded by a traditional craftsman of the Rinchen Bao Ming Gwan received

You can see the works of traditional craftsmen and craftsmen of the Ruiho monocre code in the workshop of "Masaru Tensei". In the experience plan, it is fun making a work while receiving the history of "Nishijin nail scratch binding" and advice of traditional craftsmen. We will gently and carefully support so that we can complete a wonderful work with peace of mind.

Best location for sightseeing

"Upper Seven Man" near the workshop is one of the flower streets of Kyoto. There is Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine, both of which are within walking distance and are ideal for sightseeing. Put the experience plan in the sightseeing, upgrade the memories of Kyoto! Works you make with the plan are just items you can take home on the day.

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Address / MAP
〒602 - 8394
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City 590-8 Nishiyanagi-cho, Kamigyo-kuLooking at the GoogleMap
access About 30 minutes from the Meishin Expressway "Kyoto Minami IC"
business hours 10:00~17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
※ Experience is only on Monday · Thursday · Saturday
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