Birds Paraglider School (Birds Paragliding School)

Birds Paragliding School
areaKyoto/Kameoka, Kyoto Tamba
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Birds Paraglider School of (Birds Paragliding School) Review

It was fun ❗

Experience activity Paragliding

Thank you for the other day. First rose glider (tandem) experience was very fun.
I joined with the niece of the university students, but was saved There is also a student discount. Niece than I was to fly later reblogged suspense whether the wind will not fly becomes stronger, but it was good because the fly to change the location (^^)
Staff of everyone also is watermelon was delicious, which was received after the kind and flight (^ o ^) v
It is regrettable that there is no place to come even down where my photos are flying in relation to the airflow (T_T)
Also the Revenge! Now I want to enjoy more scenery and so calmly.

Recommended for this situation! Couple family And friends alone Stress relief First try Join Date: 08 January 2016

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