Birds Paraglider School (Birds Paragliding School)

Birds Paragliding School
areaKyoto/Kameoka, Kyoto Tamba

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It is very close to schooling venue and the flight area from the city of Kansai. From experience program to license acquisition course, course content also has been enhanced! Pick-up free from the nearest station to the local! Would you like to experience a paraglider carrying a foot Come to Kyoto?

Pick-up from the nearest station for free!

Experience get to local is, we have carried out the pick-up free of charge from the nearest station. Please join us feel free to!

Within 40 minutes from the nearest station, Kyoto Station!

Since less than 40 minutes from Kyoto Station is the nearest station, it can be done paragliding without go far!

Birds Paraglider Gallery of School (Birds Paragliding School)


Address / MAP
Kyoto Prefecture Nantan Sonobe Oyamanishi the town in Ogaki 8-2Looking at the GoogleMap
access <Automotive>
Kyoto running through road Sendai River about 15 minutes from the IC

JR San-in Main Line "Yoshitomi Station"
※ I will pick-up from JR San-in Main Line "Yoshitomi Station" (※ reservation required)
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