Kaiho Museum Sea Bloom

Kai Hou Kang Sea Bloom
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Haibao House Sea Bloom's Review

it was fun!

Experience activity カヌー・カヤック  /  シュノーケリング

I experienced snorkeling where a blue cave sea kayak course and a sea turtle can be seen.
I enjoyed the experience, but maybe I did not need lunch.

Recommended for this situation! Couple family And friends Participation date: April 2017
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It was the best!

Experience activity カヌー・カヤック  /  体験ダイビング(初心者OK)

We used a set of limestone kayak tour and experience beach diving.
Because it was off season, the instructor arrived on my own by one on one hand.
The limestone cave was moving, beach diving was also the best to swim with the sea turtle!
The instructor was helpful and courteous explanation and guidance, and I enjoyed very much.
Although the building is boring (lol), I'd like to recommend it very much.

Recommended for this situation! alone First try Join Date: December 2016
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