Kaiho Museum Sea Bloom

Kai Hou Kang Sea Bloom

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Features of business

We Kaiho Museum Sea Bloom is a shop that you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and marine activity in Miyakojima.
Including snorkeling and diving in the highly transparent sea, which boasts the world's leading quality,
Also sacred Cave (pumpkin Hall) exploration tour to go in the sea kayaking in the Miyakojima Bora.

Thoroughly felt by diving the charm of the sea

Anemone fish that gather in the coral reef, spreads like underwater world, such as the picture. You can enjoy the relaxed mood of diving in that.
Fish and creatures of the coral reefs and tropical in the shallow waters, will guide you to the point where show and mysterious cave that is wrapped in a world of blue and a little deeper, a variety of facial expressions in the dive of the day.
From also OK of experience diving in no person at all of the dive experience, is full of way to enjoy such as a fan diving which aims to skill up.

Snorkeling slopes of the world's top class Miyakojima

Snorkeling except the sea from the sea surface. Or views of the sea in the line of sight from the surface of the sea, or feel a horizontal line in the round.
Feel to be integrated with the sea is exceptional ones.
Miyakojima is snorkeling slopes of the top class in the world. Please do thoroughly enjoy a high degree of transparency sea from the sea of ​​emerald green.

Sea kayak is recommended for active faction

You can also enjoy sea kayaking in conjunction with the diving and snorkeling.
Paddling a kayak, is also marine activities of Miyakojima unique to explore the cave, called the pumpkin Hall.

Kaiho Museum Sea Bloom Gallery


Address / MAP
Miyakojima Johen shaped Bora 591-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access Miyako Airport (direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka, transfer in Naha from and Nagoya) than a 40-minute Bora bus stop walk 20 minutes by bus Xincheng Yoshino Bora line.
Drive from Miyakojima Airport (such as car rental), prefectural road 78 Route, 25 minutes via the National Highway 390 Highway.
business hours 8:00~18:00
E-mail reservations are accepted 24 hours.
Regular holiday 7 days a week
credit card out of service
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