Yamanaka WATER CRAB (Water Club)

Water Club
areaYamanashi/Yamanakako, Oshino
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Yamanakako WATER CRAB of (Water Club) review


Canoe experience

Experience activity rafting

Canoe has no experience, but wanted to do once
Only their own in the family is quite difficult.
And tell us from this basic, very fun,
Valuable experience is made, it was his family very happy.

Recommended for this situation! family First try Join Date: 08 January 2015
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Yamanakako Nite

Experience activity rafting

It came canoe at Lake Yamanaka. Introduction and taught me the basic things such as the way of the operation was started. While watching the superb view that there is Mount Fuji in front of the eye, I think as was good Ikeru rowing to own pace. I want to be doing this year if there is a chance.

Recommended for this situation! Couple family And friends Stress relief First try Join Date: 07 January 2014
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Experience activity rafting

I enjoyed in the family. Also kindness also towards the staff, I want to experience.

Recommended for this situation! family Join Date: 08 January 2016
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