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I enjoyed relaxing with my family!

Experience activity Rafting

This time it was not a downturn, I thought that I want to relax and go down the river with my family. As this tour is a private holiday, you can enjoy the nature of Hokkaido comfortably. Especially when I looked at the deep green of the mountains while putting foot in the river which felt a little cool with snow melting water, delicious air was also added and the feeling was really good. Everyone of the crew was happy and I got used to it. Thank you.

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Thank you for participating in the tour the other day.
All the staff are happy to have the family and relaxedly enjoy the nature with 4 people.
Please come again.
I am waiting with the great wilderness.

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It did after swollen by heavy rain ...

Experience activity kayak

We participated in two parent-child to 17-year-old birthday of the daughter. I was looking forward to the canoe, but the river is swollen by heavy rain of up to 2 days before, was changed to a rubber dinghy in the day of judgment morning. Do I wanted to ride in the canoe, and I think while, but I heard, I was thoroughly entertained the Sorachi river in rubber dinghy. The way down, or met a white-tailed eagle, which aim to cool prey, and or there is a handmade cookies time to stop by in the middle coast, we were able to spend a very enjoyable time. In favor externals became very memorable birthday (^ ^) Thank you! ! !

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The other day Thank you for participating tour.
I'm sorry becomes a rubber dinghy from canoe Unfortunately it becomes after heavy rain.
But ne was the encounter also lucky with the weather may be white-tailed sea eagle ♪

Accustomed to one page of memories of the daughter like a nice birthday we are also happy! !

Soon, please wait a little bit more just because I think that CD-R of the smile-filled arrives.
In We are looking forward to seeing it can be of the also of opportunity.

Thank you very much.

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Was large naturally healed.

Experience activity Snowshoe

Snow was surprised at the smooth.
It is already different from a Tokyo of snow.
Guidance, Thank you very much.
For the first time of the snowshoe it was also so much fun!

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Tour Thank you for participating.
Furano of snow is exceptional is smooth degree ♪
I was there a lot of scenery that can be seen precisely because northern provinces.
Also let's feel the silky snow wearing snowshoes!

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♪ it was beautiful on the one snowy world

Experience activity Snowshoe

Snow it was comfortable and easy to walk in the crisp. Usually, in a non-everyday world, such as not see
It was impressed ♪ weather was also good to sunny, we were able to spend a good time.

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Tour Thank you for participating.
Ne by snow of the world is really beautiful. It is every day that impressed even us you are familiar.
Also let's take a walk to the crunchy and forests.

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