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Features of business

A small guide shop located in Furano, Hokkaido. We wanted to respond to the small voice of everyone, has performed around the private tour. Your family and husband and wife, a fun time with lover or friend, you can spend without hesitation to anyone. "It was a good day ♪" smile dress moment at that word. I think I want to spend such moments with you.

Extensive menu!

From 1-year-old in the summer, winter is from 3 years old, so there is also a tourist-type outdoor experience menu that children also participate in serving, you can enjoy with confidence from the families to the elderly.

Full charter!

Each other will never be together that do not know because it is a private tour of the 1 Tour 1 group. Even if you're of your family and elderly, anyone without hesitation, you can enjoy nature in peace at a pace of everyone.

♪ a "thank you" to all of the Horseman

Ukkizu logo, image the wave of the river that we are in the field. It is seen in the snow crystals, actually a "crystal of water". Crystal of water, so the form by the words that ask changes, the form you are using the logo in the form of when the question "Thank you". I tossed that people and nature, I think I want to answer with a smile on "Thank you Tsu ♪" to all of the moment.

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Address / MAP
Furano, Hokkaido character Shimanoshita (below)Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 電話受付 8:00~21:00
※ There are times when you do not answer the call of necessity, such as during the tour. At that time, excuse me, a word, we will contact you from here later if it is possible to leave a message on the answering machine.
credit card out of service
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Remarks · Contact application, questions or doubts about the tour, please feel free to contact us, such as impressions.
Tour Please make your reservation by the day before because it is a full appointment.
※ You can participate if there is a space, even on the day.
※ summer vacation, winter vacation period, weekends and public holidays, we recommend early booking so crowded.

- The day before, the day of the reservation will excuse me, please make a reservation on the confirmation by telephone.
• If more than three days reply mail does not reach, some causes are considered. Sorry to trouble you, but telephone, please contact us by writing to the bulletin board.