Little by little adventure foot (little by little adventure then that)

Little by little adventure then that
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Ichibanchi Adventure Suso (Bobo Boti Adventure Sono) Review


Experience activity Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)


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Sky tree Canadian canoe

Experience activity kayak

We joined the Sky Tour Canadian Canoe experience with two couples.
I planned to participate in Canadian canoeing tour abroad and told that I would like to practice because I am totally inexperienced, so it was a great help to have a very careful lecture!
I certainly would like to ask you again so thank you!

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Thank you for posting to the review.
Thank you for participating in the Sky Tree Canoe the other day! It was fine weather and it was a perfect day for canoeing.
Let 's do our best next time so that you can control the ship even in the stream.

Thank you again for your continued support.

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カナディアンカヌー スカイツリー

Experience activity kayak

I will depart and learn how to row. When you row through waterbirds, birds, flower rafts, you will see a sky tree on the waterless surface.
It was able to go just under the sky tree this time.
The wind was comfortable, and my pet OK was pleasant with pet OK.
I also sent photograph data and it was a nice memory in the middle of Tokyo.

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Thank you for posting to the review.
I really enjoyed having you together yesterday.
Also please let me join us for other activities as well!
Dog-chan was cute!
Ichibanchi Adventure Suso Ota

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