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Our "foot" is not so much a special thing.
While you feel in the skin the wind and hear the cries of the bird in a quiet place not in the city, it is a place for everyone a little bit different things than usual.
Everyone makes rice outside, goes to the river, takes a walk in the forest.
Or with soot on the face, even charm the ass or dirt in the mud.
You can experience the feeling came back in time a little child.

Extremely not-unreasonable and not-little by little adventure!

Or down the fierce river by canoe, not spear climbing like aim high over a number of days the mountain. With no flow lake, enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, while listening to the voices of many birds, or a leisurely slowly canoe excursion, or look at the season of the plant while hiking, and feel the forest of air refresh to have them. ~ Do you want to lightly refresh the rest of the weekend. When, enjoy without unreasonable ~.

Talk naturally with local guide and Okutama!

The image of the city is strong in Tokyo, but Okutama at the end of the west is full of nature despite being in Tokyo! Most of Okutama Town is surrounded by mountains, and various animals and plants inhabit. Access from the city center by train or car is also good and you can enjoy it even on a day trip. Why do not you experience Okutama surrounded by such nature?
Guide by Okutama lives together!

Relaxing with a small group!

I am taking a tour with a small number of people, so leisurely, you can relax!

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