areaYamanashi/Yamanakako, Oshino
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Experience activity Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)


Recommended for this situation! And friends Stress relief 参加日:2017年07月
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I had a very good experience.

Experience activity Smelt fishing

It was still time for snow to remain, but in the ship there was no need for a coat and it was comfortable.
There was also a beginner for fishing, but it was easy to remove the needle from the needle after fishing and the hand was also hard to get dirty and enjoyable!
Three people, caught a total of about 70 animals in 3 hours, so we ate tempura satisfactorily. I got fried fish for the first time, it was very tasty!
I would like to take care of you again.

Recommended for this situation! And friends Participation date: April 2017
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Smelt fishing beginner is enough to enjoy activities

Experience activity Smelt fishing

This time, I participated with her smelt fishing for the first time of the family (wife and children). Or condition that was good also Fortunately to, was enjoyed in full without getting tired even children, because it leads to the next (my prospectus street?), There was very good.
But, personally, but I feel that should be noted was good if it features a toilet, for the children like was also fun to ride round-trip boat to the toilet from the dome ship, it is indescribable office.
Because the dome ship, so enjoy a comfortable smelt fishing without being also depends on the weather, I think I feel sure and want also to go for beginners.

Recommended for this situation! Couple family Join Date: November 2016
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Thank you very much

Experience activity Smelt fishing

Although I looked for in the absence of dates of up to the day, I'm glad I get a reservation.
It was comfortable than expected.
I was healed to the owner of the smile of the handsome!
Next time I want to go with family.

Recommended for this situation! family And friends Join Date: November 2016
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It was the best

Experience activity Fly board (fly in the sky with hydraulic pressure)

I participated in the eight.
Fly board of overlooking the Mount Fuji in the fine weather was the best. Everyone was for the first time, I think that can also enjoy a beginner so get used to the extent that somehow lifted.
Water temperature there is also because it rained just the day before in early May is was considerably lower. Experience you need to wait for everyone to finish to go up off the coast in a boat over. So it is better to bring a towel or snowsuit that Ooeru the whole body, if this time is good.

Recommended for this situation! And friends First try Join Date: 05 May 2016
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To snowboard Ofutore

Experience activity Wake Board

I have done I think to snowboard Ofutore.
It was difficult to stand up, but because the feeling similar to snowboarding, I think that it is good to snowboard Ofutore if you can be standing

Recommended for this situation! And friends alone Stress relief First try Join Date: 08 January 2015
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