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Pink Mermaid
areaOkinawa/West Coast-East Coast

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Features of business

It is an at home dive shop in Onna village of Okinawa, Pink Mermaid Co., Ltd. Although it is a full-fledged shop that can train diving instructors, we are very popular with the beginner's snorkel and diving efforts. The difference between our shop and other stores is customer service, high quality equipment, and the most underwater photographs. We shoot with the camera of the whole course "Professional", we send all the data free of charge. By all means, please make your memories in Okinawa even more enjoyable with a high quality tour.

Participate from 1 year old. Blue cave puffing snorkel

1 year old ~ It is possible to participate. Families with young children can enjoy blue caves with peace of mind, it is a crowded snorkeling tour of green caves of 1 group fully reserved. Since we have many marine items for children, we can relax and enjoy it.

One pair fully reserved! Blue cave experience diving with professional camera

It is held in one group's complete charter, and exclusive instructor is attached for two customers, so even those who can not swim, first-time people are safe and secure. We shoot with the "underwater camera of" professional ", so we are very pleased with the finish of beautiful photographs that are surprisingly beautiful.

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Address / MAP
Okinawa Prefecture Onna Maeda 2705-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access ※ meeting place is not in the shop office.
Please enter the map code to the car navigation system when traveling by car.
Map code: 206062685 or 206062685 * 71, 206062685 * 85 (Because it is to park our truck on the right side of Maeda Misaki parking, please come up there the track)
business hours 7:00~20:00
Regular holiday None
credit card out of service
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