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Zen Nihon Samurai the association
areaOsaka/Sakai Sennan

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All Japan Way of the Samurai Association, Edo period, when feudal lords of sankin-kōtai of Tokugawa Kishu clan, that was the quarters, located in the Sennan the large number of samurai flourished visited. Sennan is, even today, it crowded with annual era matrix.
It will be able to full-scale experience the samurai is a representative of that era matrix. Can experience the Japanese culture, it is a tourist spot that represents the Sennan.

Such as a full-fledged "Samurai experience", you can a variety of experience!

From the quick Samurai that can easily wear a costume photography, you can also a full-fledged samurai experience get to understand the origin and meaning of the basic operation of the Iaido sword road. In addition, it will also provide up to the teachings of the samurai spirit in the temple, and the like.
In the special plan, there is also a waterfall line who can feel the essence of the samurai of history 1400 years. There is also a comprehensive martial arts experience, to the elderly from children, please feel free to join us.

We can enjoy also in overseas customers!

Located at a position close to the Kansai International Airport, we are enjoying to customers from a number of foreign countries. If you want a Japanese cultural experience, please come by all means. Wearing a costume of a full-fledged samurai, learn Bushido, it does not have any good memories of the trip.

Staff will firmly support the experience of everyone!

In the All Japan Way of the Samurai Association, in the main the Muge flow Iaido sword road Normal urging teach with a national competition winner, karate, judo, aikido, blowguns and a variety of martial arts can also be experience. Staff will continue to support the Bushido experience of everyone!

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Address / MAP
Osaka Prefecture Sennan Shindachiichiba 1141
access ■ 14 minutes from the JR Kansai Airport Station to JR Hineno Station.
■ 9 minutes from Nankai Kansai Airport Station to Nankai Izumisano Station.
※ JR Izumi Sunagawa Station, will pick-up from Nankai Tarui Station.
business hours 9:00 to 15:00
Regular holiday None
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