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[Osaka Sennan] You can also TakiKo! Special plan plenty of two-day approach to the essence of the samurai!

area Osaka / Sakai Sennan category Martial Arts · Martial Arts Experience
Adult per person 100,000 yen​ ​(tax included)
AJ point 925pt acquisition
Included in price

1 night of accommodation fee, first day of the dinner, the second day of breakfast, lunch (lunch), dinner (multi-course meals), hot spring bathing fee

Fee details
  • Participating ageOver 12-year-old -
  • Time required 2 days
  • ScheduleRegularly
  • Assemble pointAll Japan Way of the Samurai Association
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Description​ ​

In search of the soul of real samurai ...
This plan is approaching to the essence of a real samurai. Samurai soul, aspirations, you can get the technology.

2 days is thoroughly experience can plan!

On the first day, as a starting point, I will wear through the "Zen" in some history-minded and soul of the samurai temple.
Culture of the Samurai is closely related to the teaching of Japanese sword and Buddhism. Normal of the Samurai, it will tell the manners of the samurai. At the end of the Iaido training, there is a test of trying new sword on smb..

On the second day there is a TakiKo!

In the morning of the second day, we will be further learning one step advanced samurai of technology. So, you can master the type of Iaido demonstration.
In the afternoon, climb the mountain, it will be the TakiKo is finally main of this plan. By the TakiKo, from the depths of my heart, you can also find something to open their own enlightenment.
TakiKo There are only a few places in Japan. Is valuable that can not be rarely experience in Japanese.

Please to feel the essence of history 1400 years of samurai!

The essence of history 1400 years of the samurai, has become the content that can be felt carefully over a period of 2 days.
At the end of all of the training, I entered the spa, you can eat a multi-course meals.

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 5 people
Number of people who can book Five to 15 people
Schedule Regularly
Assemble time 12:00
Assemble point All Japan Way of the Samurai Association
Reservation deadline 4 days before

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items In particular designation of clothes, there is no belongings.
About rental items Rental of costume is included in the room rate.

time schedule

※ Time schedule information will be for reference. Time and the contents may change depending on weather conditions.

Facility information

Changing room - toilet shower -
Hot spring - Locker - Hairdryer -
Parking Lot Convenience store / supermarket -
Osaka Prefecture Sennan Shindachiichiba 1141
How to reach by car
20 minutes from the Kansai International Airport, 15 minutes from the Kaminogou IC, 10 minutes from Hannan IC
How to reach by train
■ 14 minutes from the JR Kansai Airport Station to JR Hineno Station
■ 9 minutes from Nankai Kansai Airport Station to Nankai Izumisano Station

Price list

PLAN Weekdays Weekend Remarks
Adult / person

Basic charge

100,000yen 100,000yen Over 12-year-old -

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About payment method specified by business operator On the day, thank you to pay in cash.
About cancellation fee We do not, such as cancellation fee is received by, but canceled at the convenience of the customer, in case you wish to change, please contact us beforehand.
Cancellation by operators. There is the case that the tour is not held by the day of the weather and the like. Please note.


Matters require attention · TakiKo is available from April to November.
• If the bad weather, TakiKo will be canceled. In that case, from the afternoon of the second day is changed to samurai experience, it will be the acquisition of further technology. 50% of the program fee will be returned.

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