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About 90 minutes from the city center! Kanto one near outdoor spot is here! Tokyo the westernmost outdoor paradise Okutama area!
Overlooking Gran the Tama River index Okutama (Okutama) base is also the location is also the best access and about a 3-minute walk from the nearest station!
Enjoy the great outdoors and a sense of unity is one of their own body as "Canyoning Tour",
Mitake Valley in cooperation with the fellow in rowing down we have held a "rafting tour"!
Please join us in Okutama-based outdoor tour of active faction also leisurely faction also can satisfy you!

Outdoor enjoy from the city center in about 90 minutes!

Wilderness near from Tokyo "Okutama"!
It is also excellent about 3 minutes and access walk from the nearest station !!

It held a highly original tour!

Held a canyoning tour and a rafting tour!
All because of your smile, we are pursuing the day-to-day fun !!

And equipment renewal freshly clean facility! !

Women's locker room, significant renewal in the men's locker room for both!
Equipped also glad vanity is for girls!
You can relax after the tour at the base of the overlooking Cafe Style the Tama River.

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Address / MAP
Tokyo Nishitama Okutama Kawai 156-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access ◆ In the case of the train
Getting-off station: JR Ome Line Kawai Station

JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku, about 90 minutes by JR Ome Line
JR from Machida Yokohama Line, about 90 minutes by JR Hachikō Line
Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Tokorozawa, about 100 minutes in the JR Musashino Line

◆ In the case of car
KenHisashimichi Ome about 50 minutes from the IC or sunrise IC
From Chuo Expressway Hachioji IC about 60 minutes

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Tokyo Nishitama Okutama Kawai 156-1
business hours 9 am -
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