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To Nishijin near the district of Kyoto, Soharuan there is.

Also over a long time hundred ten years, Kyo who've seen people's lives temporary seemed on whether finished its role becomes a vacant house. But now, to play along with the harp of sound, it tells a state of pure spirituality and humaneness Living with Japan.

This Kyomachiya koto experience classroom or guitar classroom, it has such a concert is performed.
Warmth and history with the Soharuan is nostalgic as well, to produce a new meeting place, has produced the lives of the next generation.

Koto of professional and guidance to play one song the "Sakura"

Daily, you can receive lecture by a professional that has been active as a koto musician. And say koto lessons, but you might feel like a high threshold, in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, because it led the "Sakura," as play one song, also feel a sense of accomplishment in those koto is the first of you should be.

You will receive a fun lesson in a relaxed atmosphere

In the classroom using the Kyomachiya, or chatting, in a friendly atmosphere with or taste your sweets and tea, you can learn. When you are ready to play one through, or can challenge the ensemble of the instructor, even if you can listen to the performance to be active as a professional when you request. It will be able to enjoy the koto of charm while having fun.

You can also participate in the group even your one person

Can also participate in the group even your one person, you can play the feel free to harp to people from the children of your elderly. Lessons are done in basically sitting straight, but the lessons of sitting in a chair if you wish is possible. How to play the traditional Japanese instruments, is the chance to learn the history, the charm. Koto is serving for a wide range of experience to people from the children of your age. Together with your children, making memories to touch fun Japanese tradition with everyone your family Why.

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Address / MAP
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Kamigyo-ku Higashishinmei cho 288-2Looking at the GoogleMap
access Walk about 15 minutes from the train JR Nijo Station, about 5 minutes by taxi
1-minute walk from the bus Kyoto City bus Thousand Izumi Station
business hours 10:00~20:00
Regular holiday Irregular
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