Yuzen experience workshop round gains Nishimuraya (KyoYuzenWorkshop MarumasuNishimuraya)

Yuzen Thailand Kenko Bow Marumasu Nishimura ya
areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station

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Features of business

Our "circle gains Nishimuraya" is 1905 years, hundred more than years since Matsunosuke founder Nishimura hands 描友 Zen as a business, we have been involved in the dyeing ray of kimono.
Since its inception, it devoted to Ichigyo, but we have overlaid the devotion of craft staining of cultural inheritance, prolonged recession and, apart kimono, in the critical situation of the traditional craft industry by the inflow of foreign products, of survival we have been exploring the road.
And, from the feelings and would like to know the world of staining to you more, to play the "cocoon" Kyomachiya to about 10 years ago, Kyoto Yuzen experience workshop, I was allowed to start the wrapping cloth wrapped how experience classroom.

Commitment to Kyomachiya

A little distant areas from one Shijokawaramachi around the bustle.
This area was the center and the textile industry of the production area the Nishijin conventional.
Horikawa will be able to witness the landscape, such as Yuzen sink in the river until the culvert, now, such as the current is also a lot of dyeing factories and weaving factories are supporting this region.
Kyoto Kyomachiya cocoon sets the surplus space that wraps around the person in high sensitive location, we will offer to everyone the information base-place with a focus on "making things".

Tradition and experience of Kyoto!

Speaking of Kyoto, historical heritage and representative of the temples and shrines, rich natural Myoseki-scenic.
But, the precious Kyoto.
Not only tourism, in your own hands
Why do not you touch the tradition of Kyoto?

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Address / MAP
Oike enter South Kyoto Nakagyo-ku, Ogawa throughLooking at the GoogleMap
access Walk from the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line Nijo Jozen Station 5 minutes
business hours 9:00~19:00(※入館は17:00。電話受付は18:00まで。)
Regular holiday January 1 to 3 days
credit card out of service
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