Horse trekking Hokkaido

Horse trekking Hokkaido

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In the horse trekking Hokkaido, leisurely in nature the slogan "slow life to spend with the horse", offers a time to enjoy along with the horse. Ride a horse, and say or do not have is crowded I think "high threshold"? That's not true. The horse is a very wise and friendly our partners. It will be of little interact with the horse in daily life. By all means, please enjoy the majestic and of the great horse nature with a hose trekking.

Access is convenient!

Horse trekking Hokkaido, between Sapporo and Shin Chitose Airport, located in the immediate vicinity of the Central Hokkaido automotive Eniwa road Inter. It is possible to overlook the mount eniwa if sunny, good Baba of the very scenery. Also near convenient location in Sapporo, you can enjoy a horse trekking in the natural rich Eniwa.

You get on attractive Dosanko!

Japanese native horses 8 varieties one Hokkaido sum stallion, known as "Dosanko" is a robust, friendly horse a little small. Since the horse, which has been improved in Hokkaido of the harsh environment, strong and robust, rich in endurance. Smart and kind-hearted nature and, less stable gait of shaking, is perfect for horse trekking to enjoy in the field. To enjoy the rich nature of Hokkaido will say that the best of the horse.

The nature of Hokkaido will be felt at the height of the horse!

Experience of feel the nature of Hokkaido at the height of the horse's eyes, I think that it is something special. Of course, is also a big welcome anyone who wants to take a look at the buckwheat because I like horses. By all means, please give loved the horse. The kindness of Hokkaido of four seasons of beauty and the horse, Why do not you been Omoikkiri healed?

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Address / MAP
Hokkaido Eniwa ranch 162Looking at the GoogleMap
access If you are traveling by car ■
Between Sapporo and New Chitose Airport, it is just around the corner from Central Hokkaido automotive Eniwa road Inter.
■ If you are traveling by train
From Sapporo direction (Sapporo Station → Eniwa Station) Rapid Airport use / travel time 23 minutes
From New Chitose Airport direction (Shin Chitose Airport Station → Eniwa Station) Rapid Airport use / travel time 13 minutes
From there, please come by taxi. (From the train station is about 15 minutes)
business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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