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The enjoy the blue sea, the nature of the subtropical, such as colorful tropical fish, of course, I would like to spend even heal such a time until the daily fatigue. To put this thought, and more at the island-Irabu of Miyakojima, we opened the tour shop. Enjoy sea kayaking, and snorkeling, the Miyako Island of transparency high emerald green in the marine sports at the northern end of Irabu surrounded by nature. Then, after our enjoying water sports, you can enjoy a private lunch. Even those who are participating in the one person, would you are able to be very happy with those who participate aligned your family. Please enjoy the open tropical day.

Play also healing nor your meal! Whole enjoy!

And starting the tour, after enjoying the sea kayaking and snorkeling, spa healing the body with (open-air bath), lunch while and then take a break. Guests can indulge in a sense of openness full of Okinawa time!

Private lunch in the finest scenery!

Lunch is served in the 180-degree panoramic view of a hill overlooking pavilion. How pavilion has also been designed with a height difference as with a view of the lagoon from, because each has been built independently, you can enjoy a leisurely meal in a private space to be able to spend only a family or group.

Obtain taste a paradise if you come in here !!

Miyakojima Speaking of the popular island. Miyakojima of charm is a beautiful crystal clear waters than anything. For Miyakojima sea is spreading coral on the ocean floor, even if they are not so much away from the beach can observe the tropical fish that are the coral in residence, is a very perfect sea in marine sports.

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Address / MAP
Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture Irabu shaped Nagahama 1640-34Looking at the GoogleMap
access <car>
About 40 minutes from Miyako Airport
About 20 minutes from the left turn across Irabu Ohashi "near Heisei no Mori Park"
【note! 】 If you are renting car navigation, please do search on "Miyakojima green" on a map / map etc on google etc.
business hours 8:30 to 20:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
credit card VISA MasterCard JSB AMERICAN EXPRESS Diners Club
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Remarks * We do not offer pick-up service at our shop.
Please come by car.
It will be moved by car to the point
Please be sure to inform us in advance if you are coming by hotel transfer or taxi etc.