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First time parasailing

Experience activity Parasailing

Today I joined with a friend with two people. Although the weather was not sunny until weather was sunny (lol), the staff were more friendly and we enjoyed the weather regardless!
Although it was the first time for a parasailing experience, there was a polite explanation and it was able to experience with confidence! When flying it was very pleasant and it was an enjoyable impression that it ended quickly (lol)
I also wanted to experience another activity if I had the opportunity to go to Okinawa again!

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Thank you very much for your participation. I will support it. Really ... It was a cloudy sky, but the way people enjoy it was overwhelmed by the height of the tension that blows off the cloudy sky (lol) Please change the seasons and come and join us. I hope the weather will be fine this time ~. It will also change the comfort. Because the marine sports menu is also enriched ... · Parasailing and set course are also OK as well · Marin menus from the Churaumi parasailing near the aquarium are also prepared so please consider next time. Thank you very much.

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Experience activity Parasailing

It was the first time, but since the staff responded kindly, I was relieved and able to experience it happily. Because the weather was an experience of an unpalatable day, there were people who were seasick because the ship swayed, so sickness is a necessity for those who are drunk.

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Thank you very much for your participation this time. I was in charge of support, it is Koji. Rather than relaxing "It was a pleasure to have enjoyed it so much and we had a good time together. Moreover, we are looking forward to participating by all means on occasion. Congratulations graduation.

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First! Parasailing impressive experience! !

Experience activity Parasailing

Parasailing is was the first time participants in the brothers, but now sincerely seem experience and "participation to good was over !!".
First of all to be able to listen to even a friendly correspondence and various talk of Staff while moving by boat, it enjoyed big time from the start! Staff above all it was very fun! Smile (So I think Na whether enjoyed more even side to participate)
In addition, parasailing is also had been concerned about the height and sway, all shakes it without, I was able to enjoy a view of the sky and the sea in peace until the end.
When the up and will, have too much beyond the scenery is imagined from the surrounded by emerald green than the fear of the sky, I was impressed from beginning to end!
Because it was better and too fun time, including the time of the staff, was left even a little regret as I should have also participated in the more other plan. Next time I want to be absolutely diving and wakeboarding experience! !
This time, I think that really was good to ask for the first time of parasailing experience here.

Speaking further the greed, I'm happy if there is a service, such as get a photo in the data. Since dozens of photos you got when you experience another diving was happy to remain in the memories.

It was a short time, but Thank you very much! !

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Is Yuta that day we worked the captain! Thank you for your participation and happy comments.
The day had you participate, marine conditions and the wind is also good, I now parasailing weather !!
Conversation because he was maneuvering is I did not hear, but left an impression that was a smile me enjoy from beginning to end.
Sea aquarium near the emerald green is the sea, which I think also beautiful in their native Okinawa! In addition, Naha Airport uninhabited island of the course in the vicinity of the venue is also the I have held, there is when you come to Okinawa deep blue by beautiful sea has spread !! next time transparent there also consider please, look!
In regard you pointed out our photos of the service in the reference, it will be considered.

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I'm glad to do!

Experience activity Parasailing

It was hella fun, I enjoyed unexpectedly long! Guide's also was the best in bright, friendly * \ (^ o ^) / *

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