Hose Academy Kobuchizawa

Hose Academy co-butyrate Sawa
areaYamanashi/Yatsugatake-Kobuchizawa, Kiyosato-Oizumi
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Hose Academy Kobuchizawa reviews

Experience activity Horse trekking

it was very fun!
More than anything, people were kind, gentle and able to experience in a very good mood. Thank you

Recommended for this situation! Couple family And friends First try Joined date: May 2017
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Experience activity horse riding

We experienced the pull horse. Because it was the first time, but was fearfully, it was properly okay because gave me lecture. And refreshing climate of the plateau, riding in the majestic scenery is impressive. Because every day is spent hurriedly, it was very relaxing moments. Thank you very much.

Recommended for this situation! family First try Join Date: 07 January 2016
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